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Facial Packages

Chronos Therapy Course

Salon Cosmetology treatment that combats ageing and dehydration without the use of injections.

Using cutting technology called 4D, which is four- dimensional , combats ageing using a four action systems.

1:  Peeling

2:  Hydra System

3:  Antiaging System

4:  Antioxidant system

Regenerates, plumps and softens lines and wrinkles of the skin.

Recommended:  For the hydration and plumping of the skin, stimulating the collagen and elastin production, deep lines and wrinkles.

Age Group:  36 – 65 +


10 x treatment program over 5 weeks

1 HOUR Treatments

1 x Lift Chronos cream


Course $1200

Also receive 10% off all Skin Booster products during the course

Fruit Peel Course

45 Minute Fruit Peel Treatment for intense revitalization, exfoliation, hydration, firming, and regeneration. The combination of AHAs and multi-action active ingredients gives this treatment a broad and highly effective result.


6 Treatments , 1 per week

1 x Serum

Value $501

Course $420

Also receive 10% off all Element products during the course.